Carrying the Skeleton (2008) C- Print, Courtesy Marina Abramovic and Sean Kelly Gallery New York

Marina Abramović – Entering the Other Side

My friend, do your wounds hurt? If they don't, they would not be called wounds. ~ Traditional serbian folksong. When we heard that The Kistefos Museum were to host Marina Abramović's first solo exhibition i Scandinavia, we knew we had to visit. We are after all proud co-founders of … [Read More...]

Astralia – soundscapes of emotions and dreams


Even though we tend to draw to darker and more extreme genres, it's not a big secret that we're big fans of the post-rock genre.  This other day … [Read More...]

Full video of Tsjuder playing live at Hellfest 2014


The Norwegian band Tsjuder is probably most famous for their uncompromising raw black metal music. They've been going since 1993 and might be … [Read More...]



Idre – when eerie darkness strikes you with a massive melancholy

Idre live

Idre is probably a new name for the most of you, at least it was for me. They released their first album on May 5th, 2014 through Dust House … [Read More...]

Full video of Vreid playing sognametal live at Hellfest 2014


Vreid from Norway has existed for 10 years now, and it arose from the ashes of Windir, when their singer and frontman Valfar passed away. This … [Read More...]

Maleficent merchandise – our top picks

© Disney

A while ago we wrote about the premiere of the new Disney movie Maleficent. When the movie unleashed there were also several spin off products … [Read More...]

Full video of Behemoth live at Hellfest 2014


Behemoth from Poland doesn't need much of an introduction. They have been playing their groundbreaking mixture of black and death metal for years … [Read More...]

Full video of Shining live at Hellfest 2014


Shining from Sweden is probably most known for their front person Niklas "Kvarforth" Olsson, and his stage appearance. They have released a lot … [Read More...]

Full video of Emperor live at Hellfest 2014

Emperor: Faust, Ihsahn, Samoth

After 6 years of absence, Emperor celebrated their 20th anniversary of their cult debut album 'In The Nightside Eclipse' by performing at some … [Read More...]