Beastmilk enters the grave and rises!

The news just dropped that Beastmilk has transformed into Grave Pleasures. The name change is said to be due to some 'irreconcilable differences' between the co-founders of the band, resulting in Johan "goatspeed" Snell leaving the band. The lineup now still consists of Kvohst and Arina, and … [Read More...]

Behemoth’s Nergal releasing his biography ‘Confessions of a Heretic’

Adam Nergal Darski - The Confessions of a Heretic Trailer

Behemoth's frontman and enfant terrible Adam Nergal Darski will unleash his first biography some time during the first quarter of 2015 through … [Read More...]

Autumn’s Dawn – A duo of carefully considered coincidences


A month ago, we featured Autumn's Dawn first full length album here on Black Forest Magazine. It's really an unique piece of depressive rock … [Read More...]



Lykanthea & Hunter Gatherer Jewelry – The Musician and the Maker

Laura on the left, Lakshmi on the right.

If you have wandered in the dark world of Instagram, I'm sure you have come across the two creative ladies Laura Prieto-Velasco known for … [Read More...]

The zombie post-apocalypse of The Walking Dead continues

The Walking Dead season 5

This may contain some minor spoilers if you haven't seen season 4. Last year when AMC announced that The Walking Dead was renewed for a … [Read More...]

Falls of Rauros releases new album called Believe in no Coming Shore

Falls of Rauros

Falls of Rauros have been around for a while, and will be releasing their third full-length album some time soon through Bindrune Recordings in … [Read More...]

Photographer Krist Mort announces release of the book ‘Inlumaeh’

Krist Mort Inlumaeh

The Austrian analogue photographer Krist Mort is releasing her new book 'Inlumaeh' 14th of August 2014. The book contains 90 pages of color … [Read More...]

Marina Abramović – Entering the Other Side

Carrying the Skeleton (2008) C- Print, Courtesy Marina Abramovic and Sean Kelly Gallery New York

My friend, do your wounds hurt? If they don't, they would not be called wounds. ~ Traditional serbian folksong. When we heard that The … [Read More...]

Astralia – soundscapes of emotions and dreams


Even though we tend to draw to darker and more extreme genres, it's not a big secret that we're big fans of the post-rock genre.  This other day … [Read More...]